Climate in autumn

When autumn colours the landscape, it is high time for a pleasant Toerggele evening with friends.

Autumn is the period that is ideal for making walks in lower mountain ranges and high-plateaus. But what about the temperatures? Also in autumn lower located areas such as the valley basin of Bolzano, Merano and the Wine Route differ from higher realms, where already in late autumn the first snowflakes provide a foretaste on winter.

The temperatures indicated for Bolzano below represent the areas between 200 and 500 m asl, while the figures of the other localities show you how cool it is above 1,000 m asl.

> September: min. 11, max. 26 degrees C
> October: min. 5, max. 18 degrees C
> November: min. -1, max. 11 degrees C

> September: min. 6, max. 14 degrees C
> October: min. 4, max. 12 degrees C
> November: min. -2, max. 5 degrees C

Passo Resia:
> September: min. 7, max. 14 degrees C
> October: min. 3, max. 11 degrees C
> November: min. -2, max. 4 degrees C

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