Renon train and Mendola funicular

Very special means of transport make a family getaway in South Tyrol a special experience.

The journey alone can be a special experience in a family excursion in the province of Bolzano. There is very interesting narrow-gauge railroad that is for sure going to amuse your kids, that is to say the Renon train, connecting the villages of Maria Assunta, Soprabolzano, Costalovara, Stella Renon and Collalbo on the high-plateau of the Renon. The narrow-gauge of the Renon runs every half an hour. Start in Collalbo and Soprabolzano, 10 past and 20 to the full hour.

Also worth a ride is the famous Mendola funicular, connecting S. Antonio to the Passo Mendola within 12 minutes only. Overcoming a drop of 854 m, it takes you at 2,370 m asl, making it become one of the steepest and longest funiculars throughout Europe. The Passo Mendola is by the way an ideal starting point for a walk, such as to the Penegal. In 2009 the Mendola funicular has been renewed and shines now in new splendour.

Suggested accommodations

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