Benedictine abbey of Marienberg

The highest located Benedictine abbey of Europe has got a long tradition in formal education.

The Marienberg monastery, a.k.a. Montemaria, is located in the municipal territory of Malles at 1,340 m asl, above the village of Burgusio. The white, castle-like building located in a slope basin dates back to the 12th century and was donated by the nobles Von Tarasp. The first monks derived from the Benedictine abbey of Ottobeuren in the Unterallgäu in Bavaria.

In 1724 the monks founded a Humanistic gymnasium, in the 20th century Marienberg itself hosted a private gymnasium. The benedictine Pius Zingerle, Albert Jäger and Beda Weber were an illustrious triumvirate in the gymnasium, until 1928, when it was forced to close its doors. Still today, however, the monks operate in the field of continuing education: weekend courses and monastery on time provide retreat in our frantic time.

The ground floor of the monastery, since 2007 hosts a museum, providing an insight into the life in the monastery. Also pieces of art dating back to the period of time in which it was founded are exhibited.

The crypt hosts a peculiarity: the fresco cycle of these days dates back to the period of 1175 and 1180 and represents a unique monument of Romanesque arts. A large part of these paintings has already been discovered in part in 1887, while they were completely laid open in 1980. Still today the frescoes are well-preserved.

> NB: today the monastery has got 11 members, living according to the rules of the Saint Benedikt von Nursia.

Opening hours:

15.03. - 31.10.
Monday till Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

27.12.2015 - 05.01.
Monday till Saturday from 10.00 - 17.00

Open also Easter Monday and Whit Monday.

Closed every Sunday and on religious festivals.

Access to the crypt:
Guided tours from Monday to Saturday, in May at 3 pm, from June to October at 5.30 pm; reservation is not possible. Closed on religious holidays. During winter the crypt stays closed in order to protect the frescos.

Further information:
phone +39 0473 831306

phone +39 0473 843980

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