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Situated in a valley basin at the entrance of the Val Passiria, the Val Venosta and the Valle dell’Adige, Merano casts a spell over its visitors with its thermal baths.

Merano, the second largest city of South Tyrol after Bolzano, comprises the districts of Quarazze, Maia Alta, Maia Bassa, Sinigo, Labers and the historic town and includes a territory that ranges from 263 m to 1,621 m asl. Located in a valley basin, it offers beneficial climatic conditions, making Mediterranean plants such as palm trees, olive trees and cypresses flourish. Moreover the mighty Alpine scenery confers a particular flair to the city.

Already in the 19th century Merano was a known climatic spa. Also scientists and physicians appreciated the Mediterranean climate and the crystal clear air, alleviating respiratory diseases. Also goat milk and grape cures were offered in these days.

Symbol of the city is the Kurhaus, which represents a masterpiece of the art nouveau period. It is located along the Passeggiata Passirio in the historic district. However, there are also many other attractions that are worth to be visited in Merano, such as castles and museums. Visiting the botanic gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, however, represents a real journey of discovery.

  1. Meran Altstadt Merano Centro storico  

    In the north of the Passirio river, you can find the historic district of Merano, characterised by its arcades…  more

  2. Meran Obermais Merano Maia Alta  

    Maia Alta, also called the mansion district of Merano, is located in the east of the Passirio river.  more

  3. Meran Untermais Merano Maia Bassa  

    The hippodrome of Merano is located in the city district of Maia Bassa.  more

  4. Meran Gratsch Merano Quarazze  

    Quarazze, belonging to the municipality of Merano, extends on a little hill, only a stone’s throw from Tirolo.  more

  5. Meran Labers Freiberg Merano Labers Montefranco  

    Labers Castle rises into the sky in the homonymous city district, conveying a special atmosphere to this place.  more

  6. Meran Sinich Merano Sinigo  

    The quarter of Sinigo is located only 4 km from the city centre of Merano.  more

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