Malles is the second largest municipality of South Tyrol and comprises the villages of Burgusio, Laudes, Mazia, Planol, Piavenna, Clusio, Slingia, Tarces and Alsago.

Malles in Val Venosta is surrounded by mountains: by the Oetztal Alps in the east, the Ortles mountain range in the south and the Sesvenna mountains in the west. The Piana di Malles, however, is a wide cultivated land with meadows and crops fields, traversed by irrigation channels, and is unique in the Alpine area. From the snow-capped mountains down to the wide valley, the municipal territory of Malles stretches from 921 m to 3,728 m asl and comprises almost 250 sq km. The second largest municipality of the province of Bolzano is rather sparsely populated and has got some 5,000 inhabitants.

In the immediate surroundings, you can also go skiing, that is to say in the Watles skiing area. In warmer months, you can, however, enjoy hiking and promenading, particularly popular is the trail Oberwaalweg which starts in the village. Other hiking destinations are the mountains that tower above Sliniga, at the border to Switzerland and towards the Palla Bianca in Val Venosta. The charming historic centres of the municipality, the castles and the widely known Monte Maria convent are only some examples that represent the richness in cultural goods of a settlement area along the Via Claudia Augusta that is steeped in history.

  1. Malles village

    Malles, the main place of the municipality of Malles was known as a village with…
  2. Burgusio

    The abbey of Monte Maria and Castel Principe are the main attractions of the…
  3. Laudes

    The village of Laudes is located in the place where the Val Monastero branches off…
  4. Mazia

    The Val di Mazia stretches into the heart of the Ötztal Alps. In this valley, there…
  5. Planol

    At the western edge of the Oetztal Alps, in the valley of the Punibach, there is…
  6. Piavenna

    The small settlement of Piavenna is located in the homonymous side valley at 1,720 m asl.
  7. Clusio

    Clusio is located in the place where the Arundatal valley branches off the Val Venosta.
  8. Slingia

    The village in Val Slingia is worth a visit both in summer and winter.
  9. Tarces

    The area of the Colle di Tarces is considered to have been inhabited already in the…
  10. Ultimo Alsago

    The two hamlets Ultimo and Alsago are located at the Eastern border of the Piana di…

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