Val d’Ultimo - Alta Val di Non

Sunshine, forests, untouched nature and majestic mountains - this is how the Val d’Ultimo and neighbouring Alta Val di Non could be described.

Summer in Val d’Ultimo as well as in Alta Val di Non boasts a fantastic hiking paradise, featuring numerous trails and paths such as a dinosaur educational path. And those who want to relax and recreate can try out the pools of Santa Valburga. And what about a relaxing walk across the woods surrounding the Zoggler artificial lake?

We suggest: Visit the more than 2000 years old larches, recognised by UNESCO as a valuable natural heritage!

A must for every visitor is a beautiful festival at the end of summer, when the sheep are moved down the mountains to valleys again. In winter, the small but mighty ski area of Schwemmalm has a lot to offer to skiers and snowboarders alike. Lots of fun is waiting for you!

  1. Lauregno

    The ancient farmer’s village at 1,148 m asl, is located at the southern slope of…  read article

  2. Proves

    The highest located village of Alta Val di Non at 1,420 m asl provides a…  read article

  3. San Pancrazio

    San Pancrazio is the first village you reach on your way to the Val d’Ultimo.  read article

  4. Ultimo

    Above S. Pancrazio, there is the municipality of Val d’Ultimo, comprising its…  read article

  5. Senale San Felice

    The municipality of Senale - San Felice is located in Alta Val di Non and stretches…  read article

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