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Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels South Tyrol

The Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels South Tyrol stand for beauty, physical and spiritual exercise, and integral wellbeing. Our philosophy consists of the four pillars Wellfeeling, Beauty, Fitness and Vital Cuisine

Wellfeeling - A stroke of wellbeing

Body, spirit and soul in harmony. Complete enjoyment. Our hotels offer a varied relaxation and wellness programme, from the quietness and peace of cosy corners to the splendid herbal or rose blossom bath and a revitalising massages.

Beauty - In good hands

We’ll make sure you are in top form. Our highly trained employees know exactly where their hands are needed. Exclusive beauty treatments, high-quality care products, and medical and relaxation therapies make sure your stay translates into a fountain of youth.

Fitness - Exercise as a zest for life

South Tyrol is an ideal holiday destination during all seasons. The magic of variety really exists. In winter and in summer, in spring and in autumn. The choice is yours. Our hotels also offer well equipped gym areas and training programmes tuned to your needs. Since: Exercise makes you beautiful.

Vital Cuisine - Creative, traditional cuisine

Wellbeing stems from the stomach. This fact provides the basis for our Belvita cuisines. Fresh ingredients, best quality and creatively prepared regional and Mediterranean dishes. Light and agreeable: without having to miss out on the culinary delights. Always aiming for integral wellbeing.

Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels South Tyrol
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