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Red Rooster - Farm Holidays in South Tyrol

Experience life on our farms

Whether you are getting to know about life on the farm, trying out genuine farm produce or treating yourself to the various tasty dishes from the farm kitchen, you’ll find ‘Red Rooster’ the perfect way to discover South Tyrol’s countryside and rural culture.

Farm Holiday guests can look forward to an authentic back-to-nature experience. Small farms (maximum 4 holiday flats per farm) will make for a personal atmosphere. Farm quality produce is healthy and wholesome – from home-made jams and juices to cheese and various other dairy products. With its regular strict quality controls, the ‘Red Rooster’ seal of quality guarantees you high quality enjoyment.
If you like the idea of sitting in a cosy ‘Stube’ with a glass of good wine and a plate of local home-made fare in front of you, consult the ‘Country Gourmet’, which will take you to the places where the best eating and drinking is to be found.
You can be sure of one thing: ‘Red Rooster’ stands for quality and a warm welcome – the essence of South Tyrol.
Our official website will give you a taste of things to come.

Red Rooster - Farm Holidays in South Tyrol
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