Stundenweg trail section 1: from Müstair to Laudes

Starting from Müstair at the Swiss border, we walk to Tubre and past the castle ruin of Rotund, through larch forests and rocky dry slopes finally we reach Laudes near Malles.

From Malles in Val Venosta (station) we take the Swiss Postbus driving through the Val Monastero across the border to Müstair. After a visit of the monastery Son Jon (St. Johann), founded by Charlemagne in 775 and featuring beautiful frescoes of the Carolingian period, we walk out of the village across the Plaz Grond. The path leads across lush meadows covered by flowers to Tubre in Val Monastero. The border is traversed unnoticed, the only thing we become aware of is that the signposts are now in German, no longer in Romansh, so we reached Italy.

Short before reaching the village of Tubre in Val Monastero, the signpost indicates the way up, through the forest we reach an an altitude of 1,500 m. The larch forest characterises the landscape for a little while now. Across the meadows of the Rio Tel, we proceed to the castle ruin of Rotund, a place where you can enjoy a great view on the path we walked so far and the Engadine Alps, as well as the upper Val Venosta between Glorenza and Malles up to the Oetztal Alps.

The following section is a rather narrow path that proceeds up and down, across larch forests and a dry steppe landscape and the rocks on the slope. Above Laudes, the walking trail joins a forested trail that proceeds towards the village in serpentines. From this place it is only a short walk to the station of Malles.

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Please note: actually, rockfall closed the section from Müstair to Laudes (last update 12.19.2016). The section form Laudes to Monte Maria (Burgusio) is open.

If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions in advance.

Starting point: monastery Son Jon in Müstair (CH) - can also be reached by the Schweizer Postbus starting from the station of Malles
Route: Müstair - Tubre in Val Monastero - Rotund ruin - Laudes
Signposts: Stundenweg - Senda clastras, 10B
Walking time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Altitude difference: 510 m the way up, 780 m way down
Altitude: 980 to 1510 m
Length of the trail: 12.5 km (Müstair - Laudes)
Experienced: June 2012
Difficulty first section easy, next section on the slope of medium difficulty, walk down easy (forested road)
Further information: tourist office Val Monastero, phone +39 0473 833 046
N.b. After Tures, there is no possibility to stop for a drink or lunch, for this reason we recommend you to bring your packed lunch.

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