Bike paths in South Tyrol

The cycle track network is ideal for discovery journeys across the most important valleys and villages of South Tyrol.

A dense network of cycling tracks spans over South Tyrol and is constantly enlarged. We have tested the main cycle tracks of the most important valleys for you, our description can be found below.

Please note: the following routes are called cycle tracks, but are only in part bike lanes only. They also include lightly trafficked roads on which also cars and tractors run. Please cycle with caution.

  1. Bassa Atesina cycle track

    Bassa Atesina cycle track

    The bikeway of the Bassa Atesina starts in Bolzano, stretches to Salorno and…
  2. Oltradige cycle track

    Oltradige cycle track

    This cycle track connects the city of Bolzano to the wine-growing area between…
  3. Val Pusteria cycle track

    Val Pusteria cycle track

    The cycle track “Pusterbike” connects San Candido with Brunico and stretches across…
  4. Alta Valle Isarco cycle track

    Alta Valle Isarco cycle track

    From Brennero via Vipiteno to Bressanone: the Alta Valle Isarco cycle track snakes…
  5. Valle Isarco cycling track

    Valle Isarco cycling track

    The cycle track between Bressanone and Bolzano snakes across the rutted Valle…
  6. Val d’Adige cycling track

    Val d'Adige cycling track

    The spa town of Merano, Bolzano and the Val d’Adige are connected by a section of…
  7. Val Venosta cycling track

    Val Venosta cycling track

    A really popular one: The cycling trail of the Val Venosta, part of the Via Claudia…

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