Horse riding

Horse riding across the summer landscape makes your heart leap for joy.

Imagine galloping across endless Alpine pastures, shady woods and colourful fields while a fresh breeze is gently stroking your skin… an adventure you will never forget!

Did you know that South Tyrol is home to a special kind of horses? The so-called Avelignese - also known as Haflinger in German - is a light-coloured and very good-natured horse and comes from a quaint village near to Merano.

  1. Haflinger horses

    Haflinger horses

    The Haflinger horse breed is one of the most versatile breeds ever and originates…
  2. Haflinger Horse Racing

    Haflinger Horse Racing

    Easter Monday in Merano? Enjoy a special day in the spa town!
  3. Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride

    Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride

    Riding and celebrating in the pretty Sciliar region
  4. Horse riding stables in South Tyrol

    Horse riding stables in South Tyrol

    Pleasant horseback rides across meadows and forests, exciting day tours in the…
  5. Hippodrome of Maia Bassa

    Hippodrome of Maia Bassa

    In the heart of the Alps close to the city of Merano, there is the unique and…

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Schneeberg

    Hotel Schneeberg

  2. Wellness Resort Quellenhof

    Wellness Resort Quellenhof

  3. Hotel Torgglerhof

    Hotel Torgglerhof

  4. Panoramahotel Huberhof

    Panoramahotel Huberhof

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