Schernag is the only locality of Tesimo-Prissiano that is located at the bottom of the Val d’Adige.

Schernag, a component locality of the municipality of Tesimo-Prissiano, can be reached via Nalles and is located at the bottom of the Val d’Adige (331 m asl), opposite to all the other villages belonging to Tesimo. In addition, there is also no direct access road from Testimo. For this reason the village life of Schernag is mainly oriented towards Nalles.

Another excursion destination that deserves to be visited is Castel Kasatsch, also called Pfeffersburg, which enthrones a rock spur above the village. The castle is venue for various cultural events in summertime. Further attractions that are located within easy reach are Castel Stachelburg and the Santa Croce chapel. Thanks to its location in the valley, Schernag is ideal for cycling tours and walks across the flourishing fruit and apple orchards.

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