Cortaccia village

On the sunny balcony of the holiday area south of South Tyrol, surrounded by fragrant vineyards, there is the village of Cortaccia.

Welcome to the village of Cortaccia at 333 m asl, which is the main village of the municipality. Its name derives from the Latin word “curtis”, which means higher located farms.

In the middle of the village there are not only a large number of ancient farms and lordy residences, but there is also a museum called “Zeitreise Mensch”. The Orth farm, oldest farm of the village, hosts this museum, providing interesting information on human life in different eras, from the Stone Age to the modern civilisation of present day. Those, who are interested in arts and history may be attracted by the S. Vigilio parish church, boasting a late-Gothic high altar dating back to 1850, as well as an altarpiece by Orazio Giovanelli, illustrating the martyry of the saint the church is dedicated to.

Regarding you leisure time, you can participate in guided farm walks, climbing trips, guided walks in wine cellars, wine tastings or attend concerts. As the Adige river passes by, you can also make a cycling tour along the Adige cycling trail.

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