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  1. Appartements Nesslerheim: Flower walk week

    Flower walk week

    During the Flower – walk week you will be spoiled with nature, great company, comfortable hikes of up to 10 km with experienced hiking guides, culinary delights and selected wines from Tramin.

    from  04/08/18  to  04/14/18

    6 nights from 303 € per person

  2. Hotel Winzerhof: Season start 7=6

    Season start 7=6

    We give you 1 day: 7=6 days

    from  04/14/18  to  04/29/18

    7 nights from 498 € per person

  3. Hotel Winzerhof: W&W: Beauty days wine&wellness

    W&W: Beauty days wine&wellness

    relax in our spa

    from  04/14/18  to  05/06/18

    4 nights from 332 € per person

  4. Hotel Winzerhof: Feel good - 3 Discovery Days in Spring

    Feel good - 3 Discovery Days in Spring

    3 Discovery Days in Spring

    from  04/14/18  to  05/06/18

    3 nights from 258 € per person

  5. Hotel Winzerhof: Spring weeks

    Spring weeks

    As the snow retreats and the flowers come out of your hibernation in Tramin feeds the spring!

    from  04/29/18  to  06/10/18

    7 nights from 560 € per person

  6. Hotel Winzerhof: Summer weeks

    Summer weeks

    Into the cool waters of our outdoor pool in dive, stretch out on the lush green lawn all "fours" of yourself, breathe in the nature and let your soul that is summer in Tramin.

    from  06/10/18  to  07/22/18

    7 nights from 560 € per person

  7. Hotel Winzerhof: Midsummer weeks

    Midsummer weeks

    Summer - Sun - and holidays in Tramin!

    from  07/22/18  to  08/26/18

    7 nights from 588 € per person

  8. Hotel Winzerhof: Grape Harvest Weeks

    Grape Harvest Weeks

    Those who know him love him! This unique Autumn in South Tyrol.

    from  08/26/18  to  10/07/18

    7 nights from 616 € per person

  9. Appartements Nesslerheim: Wine – walk week

    Wine – walk week

    The tours of the Wine Hiking Week are about 12-18 km every day with a maximum difference in altitude of 500 metres. The “Comfort” group will not exceed 10 km per day. The detailed programme will be pr

    from  10/07/18  to  10/13/18

    6 nights from 360 € per person

  10. Hotel Winzerhof: Late autumn weeks

    Late autumn weeks

    Catch the mild autumn sun and gain new energy and strength to get fit for your everyday life.

    from  10/07/18  to  10/21/18

    7 nights from 588 € per person

  11. Hotel Winzerhof: End of season

    End of season

    Before the cold months come, relax!

    from  10/21/18  to  11/04/18

    from 6 nights from 455 € per person

  12. Appartements Nesslerheim: Tramin Sensual Pleasures

    Tramin Sensual Pleasures

    Have a look behind the scenes of wine production and ask all the questions about wine growing, wine production that you always wanted to ask.

    from  10/24/18  to  10/28/18

    4 nights from 262 € per person