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  1. Natur Residenz Blaslerhof: Kids' fun in autumn

    Kids' fun in autumn

    Located amidst fields and forests, on the sunny side of the valley the Blaslerhof is the perfect place for your family holiday.

    from  09/09/17  to  10/29/17

    7 nights from 445 € per person

  2. Natur Residenz Blaslerhof: Family Relax Week

    Family Relax Week

    Family Relax Package, you will enjoy added benefits in this special and limited Package.

    from  09/17/17  to  11/05/17

    7 nights from 280 € per person

  3. Natur Residenz Blaslerhof: Autumn in the mountains

    Autumn in the mountains

    Nature as far as you can see. Meadows, forests, rivers and mountain peaks. Breathing pure mountain air and discovering the surroundings on sunny days. Enjoy the autumn in Valle di Casies!

    from  09/10/17  to  10/30/17

    7 nights from 300 € per person

  4. Natur Residenz Blaslerhof: Christmas time in the mountains

    Christmas time in the mountains

    Christmas holidays in South Tyrol - the heart of the alps.

    from  12/09/17  to  12/23/17

    7 nights from 270 € per person

  5. Natur Residenz Blaslerhof: Winter Active Special

    Winter Active Special

    Enjoy loads of fun and snow in Pusteria Valley in South Tyrol.

    from  01/08/18  to  02/11/18

    7 nights from 300 € per person