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  1. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen Blossom

    Alpen Blossom

    Early summer in the Alpen Tesitin -Hiking fun. Adventure. South Tyrolean tradition. Enjoyable hiking tours in dreamlike nature.

    from  05/01/20  to  06/28/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person

  2. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: 2nd AT-Spring-Gourmet-Week

    2nd AT-Spring-Gourmet-Week

    Inspired by the colors and smells of spring, enjoy a week full of gourmet experiences. Garden herbs, watercress, asparagus & Co. find the path from nature to our kitchen and delight your senses.

    from  05/03/20  to  05/10/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person

  3. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: 2nd-AT-E-bike-week


    Cycling comes closest to the flight of birds.At the first Alpen Tesitin E-Bike-Active-Week you will experience fantastic cycling tours in the Dolomites.

    from  05/10/20  to  05/17/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person

  4. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: AT-outdoor-active-week


    With mountain guide Paul and our hiking guides Michael, Anton and Daniel explore nature. Marvel at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage in our region

    from  05/17/20  to  05/24/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person

  5. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen Love

    Alpen Love

    Summit. Enjoyment. Stories. Every single day, a new journey awaits you, a new highlight that will make your heart beat faster in the best sense.

    from  06/28/20  to  08/02/20

    7 nights from 1085 € per person

  6. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen Summer

    Alpen Summer

    Energetic. Dynamic. Active. Discover the most amazing places in the Dolomites and breathe life!

    from  08/02/20  to  08/30/20

    7 nights from 1239 € per person

  7. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen experience

    Alpen experience

    Hospitality. Safety. Pleasure.The landscape shapes peopleand people shapes the landscape.

    from  08/30/20  to  09/27/20

    7 nights from 1085 € per person

  8. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen Gold

    Alpen Gold

    Nature. Culture. Force.Find peace and balance.Body, mind and soul resonate in a melodious harmony.

    from  09/27/20  to  10/18/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person

  9. Hotel Alpen Tesitin: Alpen Wellness

    Alpen Wellness

    Vacation for all the senses. Pleasure for who seeks new experiences. Relax for nature lovers. Immerse yourself for a few days in a wonderful world of well-being, gastronomy and mountains

    from  10/18/20  to  11/08/20

    7 nights from 1015 € per person