Stundenweg trail section 2: from Laudes to Monte Maria

On the slope in the west of the Malser Heide, we walk on a wide forested trail through the Valle di Slingia up to the abbey of Monte Maria and Burgusio.

In Laces, we walk up the forested trail marked 10B, leading us the way up to 1,260 m asl, where the Stundenweg trail (hours’ trail) starts, the course of which we follow towards north. Short after an ascent follows, the route branches to the left into the Valle di Slingia.

The landscape is varied, there are larch woods, pines and fir trees, and soon we reach extended meadows covered by flowers.
After having traversed the Rio Slingia river, our walk proceeds on the other side, out of the valley. Again the scenery changes, as the sun-drenched position of this slope favours larch forests to develop. Above all the next section above Clusio shows the arid side of the slopes in the Val Venosta valley, where the rocky slopes are in part quilted and only heat and drought resistant plants survive. For butterflies, however, this is a real paradise and their variety and plentiful appearance testifies that nature is still intact in this place.

Apart from several wooden constructions, the entire course of the trail has so far stretched away from settlements. This changes now, as we cross the road of Slingia. Short before we come by the little S. Stefano church, where today there are the graves of the abbots of Monte Maria.

Soon we also reach the beautiful abbey, in picturesque position at the edge of the forest, which is considered one of the symbols of the upper Val Venosta valley. After a visit to the monastery museum and the Baroque church (where the crypt with Romanesque frescoes is no longer open to the public), we take the Sonnensteig trail to walk down to Burgusio. By the way, also the trail n° 9 leads back to Laudes (also cycling trail). As an alternative, you can take the bus at the edge of the village, driving to the station of Malles.

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If you would like to do this tour, please inform yourselves about the current conditions.

Starting point: Clusio near Malles
Trail: Clusio - Valle di Slingia - Monte Maria abbey - Burgusio
Signpost: 10B, Stundenweg - Senda clastras, Sonnensteig
Walking time: 3.5 to 4 hours
Altitude difference: 740 m ascent, 475 m descent
Altitude: 980 to 1490 m
Course of the trail: 12 km (Clusio - Burgusio bus station)
Experienced: June 2012
Difficulty easy to medium (forested trails and wide walking trails)
Further information: Malles tourist office, tel. +39 0473 831190

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