Chestnut trail, stage 4: from Chiusa to Velturno and Bressanone

This last stage of the chestnut trail passes the Monastero di Sabiona, Velturno, Monte Ponente and Bressanone before it finally ends in Varna.

From Chiusa we hike towards Bronzolo castle with its old passages and steps and from there to the impressive Monastero di Sabiona, which is very worth to be visited. On our way to Velturno we pass the Pardell farms with their beautiful meadows, vineyards and chestnut forests.

Crossing the hamlet of Pedratz, we finally reach the centre of Velturno. We pass Velturno castle at its left side and continue our hiking tour through a beautiful meadow landscape towards north. After about 3 km we reach the hamlet Teceligna with its two churches.

The last section of this fourth stage of the chestnut trail leads to Monte Ponente and Pinzago until it ends under the S. Cyrillo church hill near the village of Tiles. From here, we can either hike to Varna or into the centre of Bressanone.

On the 60 km long chestnut trail we hiked from Roncolo castle near Bolzano to Varna near Bressanone, explored a beautiful and varied landscape with a wonderful Dolomites panorama and enjoyed some delicious local dishes on our way. The chestnut trail in the Valle Isarco is a true hiking highlight, especially in autumn!

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Please note: When you plan to do this stage of the chestnut trail, please inform yourselves on the conditions of the trails!

Starting point: Chiusa
End point: Bressanone, from S. Cyrillo you can continue until Varna
Trail numbers: „Keschtnweg“, „Cyrillusweg“
Length: 15.5 km until Bressanone, further 3 km until Varna
Walking time: 5 hours (until Bressanone)
Altitude difference: ascent 645 metres, descent 590 metres
Altitudes: 540 - 970 metres asl
Experienced in: October 2011
Characteristics: medium difficult, short sections with steps
More information: tourist board Chiusa Barbiano Velturno Villandro, tel. +39 0472 843121

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