Haflinger horses

The Haflinger horse breed is one of the most versatile breeds ever and originates from the mountains of South Tyrol.

The Haflinger horses originate from South Tyrol, this horse breed is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of the people. In South Tyrol the Halfinger horses belong to the local cultural heritage. Due to their charm, their unique appearance and their versatility, this horse breed has become the most popular leisure time and family horse and is nowadays known all over the world.

Originally the Haflinger horse was merely considered an animal that is able to keep up with the requirements of alpine warfare. In fact, the Monzoccolo can be considered to be the home of this horse breed. Due to the fact that the fodder in this place used to be rather meagre, a small and unambitious mountain horse evolved. The name of this horse breed is by the way attachable to the municipality of Avelengo (Hafling) and was officially approved in 1898.

Originally an ideal work animal, the Haflinger horses, characterised by a blond long mane and red-brown to golden pelage, are today one of the most popular family and leisure time horse breeds. Also their gentle character makes the Haflinger horse breed widely-known. Their size and their endurance make them also suitable for therapies.

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