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  1. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Ski & Wellness 7=6

    Ski & Wellness 7=6

    During the day you enjoy the freshly groomed slopes in the ski area Carezza and in the evening you can relax in our Similde SPA area. That's what holidays should be like!

    from  01/07/18  to  03/31/18

    7 nights from 1088 € per person

  2. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Time for Myself 4=3 (mon-fri, sun-thu)

    Time for Myself 4=3 (mon-fri, sun-thu)

    Take time for rest and relaxation and enjoy a short stay in our hiking hotel in South Tyrol.

    from  01/07/18  to  06/16/18

    4 nights from 467 € per person

  3. Berghotel Piné: Hot winter offer

    Hot winter offer

    from  02/18/18  to  04/21/18

    4 nights from 410 € per person

  4. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Carezza All Inclusiv

    Carezza All Inclusiv

    This package drives the pulse of skiers: on 5 days a week you enjoy the white slopes, and in the evening you can relax in the 31° warm pool or in one of the 4 cosy saunas.

    from  01/07/18  to  03/31/18

    7 nights from 1147 € per person

  5. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Breath deeply 4=3 (mon-fri, sun-thu)

    Breath deeply 4=3 (mon-fri, sun-thu)

    Relaxation Days to dive and "breath" according to our motto tension and relaxation. Small exercises with great effect.

    from  02/25/18  to  03/31/18

    4 nights from 562 € per person

  6. Hotel Stefaner: Winter pleasure with snowshoes in the Dolomites

    Winter pleasure with snowshoes in the Dolomites

    Hotel Stefaner
    Naturpark- und Wanderhotel | Tires al Catinaccio - San Cipriano

    Join our snowshoe hikes, which lead over glittering snowfields to cozy huts and nice panoramic viewpoints. Tires next to the Rosengarten is a beautiful area for snowshoeing.

    from  02/10/18  to  04/02/18

    7 nights from 499 € per person

  7. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: South Tyrol Balance 7=6

    South Tyrol Balance 7=6

    You will achieve this feeling of complete recreation thanks to the fresh air in the mountains, movement high up in the Dolomites, and relaxation in our wellness area.

    from  04/30/18  to  06/16/18

    7 nights from 875 € per person

  8. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Mounatineering Weeks 7=6

    Mounatineering Weeks 7=6

    Come with us to this wonderful mountain world where everyone will discover the hike that's best for them. 7 days with 3/4 pension...

    from  05/06/18  to  06/16/18

    7 nights from 1164 € per person

  9. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Introductory mountaineering weeks 7=6

    Introductory mountaineering weeks 7=6

    Our hiking guides show you the most beautyful places, our mountain guides climb with you the easy climbing tour to the Rosengarten peak

    from  05/06/18  to  06/16/18

    7 nights from 1084 € per person

  10. Dolomit Resort Cyprianerhof: Fixed Rope Climbing Weeks

    Fixed Rope Climbing Weeks

    Are you ready for adventure in the vertical?

    from  06/16/18  to  09/22/18

    7 nights from 1576 € per person