Villa S. Caterina

A significant archaeologic finding was make in Villa S. Caterina, located close to San Giorgio.

Villa S. Caterina is located in the north of Brunico near S. Giorgio and Teodone, at 840 m asl. Villa S. Caterina is the smallest village that belongs to the municipality of Brunico and snuggles on the northern slopes of the valley basin of Brunico.

The fact that this area has been settled already in prehistoric times has been proven by an archaeological finding that was made in gardening works. Underneath the church, a flint blade was excavated. By the way, also the church is steeped in history, it is dated with 1360. The scenery round Villa S. Caterina is characterised by a mainly agrarian landscape.

A walk on the trail “durchs Toul“, along the forested trail to Gais or to Brunico to have a cup of coffee in Via Centrale, there are many possibilities. If you love climbing, we recommend you the Aufhofer Kofel, an outdoor climbing gym with routes in various difficulty levels.

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