Mantana is located at the entrance of the Val Badia and is connected with the S. Maria pilgrimage church by a walking trail.

Mantana used to be an autonomous municipality, until it came to join San Lorenzo di Sebato in 1928. Mantana is located in the green, at the entrance of the Val Badia. That is to say that it is also the last German-speaking village, at the imaginary border to the Ladin culture area.

First mentioned as “Mantan“, in the course of time it came to be Mantana and Montal in German. What you should not miss is a visit to the church of Mantana, decorated with pieces of art of Josef Renzler. Worth seeing is also the little chapel that has been constructed by the farmer Josef Kronbichler.

A keep-fit trail makes you get moving on holidays, in winter, the Plan de Corones skiing area is only a stone’s throw away.

Suggested accommodations: Mantana

  1. Hotel Lanerhof

    Hotel Lanerhof

  2. Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

    Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose