Martello paese

The main place of the municipality, cultural and administrative centre of the valley, situated on the sun-drenched western slope.

The main place of the municipality of Martello is located on the western slope of the Val Martello, is surrounded by the meadows of Meiern, round the parish church of Martello, dedicated to S. Valburga. Due to its sunny location, this village at 1,300 m asl is considered the most ancient settlement of the Val Martello.

Many easy walking trails stretch along the slope, but there are of course also more difficult ones, leading to the Kreuzjöchl or the 2,320 m high Forcola Covelano and further on to Lake Covelano (2,518 m). A challenging alpine tour for those who love mountaineering. However, the most impressive mountain peak rising above the village is the Cima di Lasa (3,310 m).

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