Novale di Laion

The birthplace of the famous minnesinger Walther von der Vogelweide is called Novale di Laion and belongs to the municipality of Laion.

The village of Novale di Laion is located at 750 m asl above the entrance of the Valgardena. The scattered settlement at the sun-drenched mountain slope is composed of several mountain farms and surrounded by vineyards and forests. Ever since vinegrowing has been an important sector in this area, this is a fact that is also illustrated on the church of S. Caterina of Novale di Laion. In its interior, there are several frescoes, one of which shows the wine patron Urban, giving a child some grapevines. Also the columns are decorated with grapevines.

Novale is also famous for the Toerggele tradition. The area round the village is ideal for pleasant walks across the colourful nature. The taverns that are known in the area of the Val d’Adige offer the traditional dishes such as dumplings, sauerkraut and roasted chestnuts.

Novale di Laion is also the birthplace of the presumed minnesinger Walther von der Vogelweide (1168-1230), he is supposed to have been born in the so-called Vogelweiderhof farm. By the way, there is also a circular trail dedicated to the minnesinger.

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