Located in the north of Egna on a detritic cone of the Trodena river, the village of Vill nestles in the heart of vineyards.

In the north of the main village of Enga, at an altitude of 217 m asl, there is the small but mighty village of Villa, boasting a total of 800 inhabitants. Surrounded by gentle hills covered by vineyards, it adds a charming flair to the anyhow idyllic landscape.

Its church dedicated to Our Lady is, in fact, one of the most beautiful end elegant Gothic constructions of Tyrol and was first mentioned in a document dating back to 1237. Tradition and culture still have an important role to play, one of the festivals that is staged every year is the village festival on June 29.

If you love hiking, the nearby Monte Corno nature park offers a vast trail network and a varied flora and fauna, thanks to its intact natural landscape. Also the protected area of Castelvetere is a popular destination for a day trip.

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