The municipality of Egna nestles in the heart of a landscape that is covered by vineyards.

The municipality of Egna boasts a total of 5,000 inhabitants and is the main village of the Bassa Atesina. Located about 25 km in the south of Bolzano at an altitude between 210 and 1,720 m, it comprises the villages of Laghetti, Mazzon, Villa and Egna village.

Due to its location along the trade route between north and south, great economic and cultural importance has been attached to the village of Egna already in the Middle Ages and soon it also became a junction for travellers. Still today Venetian architecture illustrate the influence of southern regions. As a matter of fact, on his way to Mantova, the famous Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer was jailed for one night in a dark cellar in Egna.

Today Egna is known as the cultural centre of the Bassa Atesina. Nature, however, can be enjoyed to the fullest in the nearby Monte Corno nature park and at Castelvetere, typified by its Mediterranean vegetation and its ruins of a Romanesque fortress. Those who are keen on spending active holidays also benefit from the closely stretching Val di Fiemme valley, ideal for hiking in summertime and for skiing in winter months.

  1. Egna village

    Egna village

    Egna, once upon a time a Mediaeval trade centre, has become the cultural centre of…
  2. Laghetti


    In the valley basin in the south of Egna, there is the village of Laghetti, located…
  3. Mazzon


    The famous vinegrowing area of Egna extends on a plateau in the east of the Adige…
  4. Villa


    Located in the north of Egna on a detritic cone of the Trodena river, the village…
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