The famous vinegrowing area of Egna extends on a plateau in the east of the Adige river side.

Nestling between vineyards and the intact natural landscape of the Monte Corno nature park, there is the little village of Mazzon. Finding dating back to the 8th century testify a settlement of the area already in the Bronze Age. A winged axe, sacrificial offering to the mountain dities, has been excavated at 1,600 m asl in the so-called Königswiese meadow.

Mazzon is above all famous for its excellent wine, the Pinot Nero. Already in the mid 19th century the vineyards of Mazzon have been famous beyond borders for the cultivation of this type of grapes. Not for nothing the village dedicates an entire festival to this wine, so to speak the so-called “Giornate Altoatesine del Pinot Nero” (Pinot Nero Days) taking place in Egna and Mazzon. By the way, oenophiles call this little spot of land “heaven of Pinot Nero”.

Also at the edge of the village, above the Villa river and in the gorge of the Valle dei Mulini valley, Caldiff castle towers into the sky. This building has probably been constructed by the Lords of Enn. After a fire in 1798 the former owners of the building left the castle, from this point of time it started decaying.

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