In the valley basin in the south of Egna, there is the village of Laghetti, located at 314 m asl.

Comprising the village of San Floriano, Laghetti counts a total of 1,300 inhabitants. Only a stone’s throw from the centre, there is the pilgrims’ hospice Klösterle, which is one of the few well-preserved hospices of Europe. Constructed in 1220, it was dissolved in the middle of the 14th century, but it was used as accommodation for pilgrims traveling to Rome up to the 16th century. Today, however, it is venue for concerts and theatre performances, above all in summer months. Close to Klösterle, there is the small but mighty San Floriano church built in Romanesque construction style. This church is one of the most ancient sacred buildings of Tyrol.

Moreover Laghetti is starting point for several hiking paths, such as the Dürer trail. The German Renaissance painter had to take another route on his journey to Venice due to the fact that the area had been flooded by the Adige river. For this reason he took the road via the Klösterle in Laghetti and via Salorno, the Passo Sauch, Val di Cembra and Trento.
Those, however, who prefer cycling, can do a cycling tour along the Via Claudia Augusta cycling path, stretching from Bolzano to Trento.

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