Favogna di Sotto

At the plateau of Favogna, high above Magré, there is the village of Favogna di Sotto.

Nestling in a charming natural landscape, Favogna di Sotto is the ideal recreational area for the inhabitants of the Bassa Atesina, especially for those of Magré. Located at 1,030 m asl, also in high summer this place is characterised by charming nature and pleasant temperatures.

Since 1977 the area of 10 hectares extending round the little lake is under natural protection. This biotope is rich in plant species that are typical for a humid area. In particularly idyllic position, at the top of a little hill, you can admire the small but mighty church of Favogna di Sotto. Dedicated to S. Leonardo, it is surrounded by an iron chain. According to a legend, every seven years this chain is extended for one link. When the church is completely fenced by the chain, the end of the world is considered to arrive.

Particularly worth to be visited are the house of birth of the field marshal lieutenant Franz Phillipp Fenner von Fennberg and the mammoth trees of Favogna, that were planted in 1908 to the honour of the coronation of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef.

Our tip: at the so-called “Teitschn Stoan” (literally translated German rock), a striking rock spur at the Giggerberg mountain, where the Favogna mountain falls away sharply down to the Adige river, in 2003 a commemorative bronze plaque was established. As most southern point in the germanophone area, this spot of land provides a breathtaking view.

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