Montagna village

Guarded by the Castello d’Enna, the village of Montagna extends in a tranquil position, high above the village of Egna.

The chief village of Montagna extends in a protected location above the Bassa Atesina. Nestling in the heart of vineyards and beneath the Cislon at 497 m asl, Montagna boasts several testimonies of the past, such as several mansions and residences as well as Castello d’Enna, seeming to guard the village. Constructed by the Lords of Enn in the 12th century, the castle is still today inhabited and is for this reason not open for the public. However, once a year the local band gives a concert in the inner courtyard of this historically significant castle.

Another highlight in the environs of Montagna is the protected area of Castelvetere. Located on a porphyry hill and constructed on the foundations of a Romanesque castle, this area boasts an astonishingly beautiful flora and fauna as well as a great view on the entire Val d’Adige.

Our tip: a visit of the neo-Romanesque S. Bartolomeo church in the historic district. This sacred building boasts a church steeple dating back to the 12th century.

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