Roncadizza, called Runcadic in Ladin language, is located at the southern Valgardena riverbank, close to Ortisei.

Also if from an administrative viewpoint, Roncadizza is part of Castelrotto, it is located only a stone’s throw from Ortisei and belongs to the Ladin cultural circle, together with the localities of Bulla and Oltretorrente. The scattered settlement stretches along the mountain ridge of the Bullaccia and up to the Passo Pinei. The centre is located at 1,170 m asl.

The tennis centre of Roncadizza, is again and again venue for several events, such as the huge festival of the local music group “Die Ladiner” or the Valgardena Sculpture Fair Unika, taking place every year. Moreover in the tennis centre there are various facilities for indoor sports such as squash or bouldering. Also the cheese diary “Gerdeina Lat” is worth a visit.

Suggested accommodations: Roncadizza

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  4. Apartments Bellaria

    Apartments Bellaria

  5. Naturhotel La Cort

    Naturhotel La Cort

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