Close to the mountain village of Plata, part of the municipality of Moso, you can admire glacial mills.

Plata is a small village in the municipality of Moso in upper Val Passiria that is located at 1,146 m asl. Boasting a number of inhabitants of about 250, the little mountain village attracts above all by its historic testimonies, that is to say centuries-old farms, sawmills or also lime ovens of bygone periods. Nevertheless one of the main attractions are the 15 glacial mills of Plata: these natural monuments are 2.5 m wide and 3 m deep and are of great interest above all from a scientific point of view.

However, also the landscape, the intact nature and innumerable possibilities for hiking are ideal for relaxing and enjoying. A visit to the Steiber waterfall is by the way highly recommendable if you spend your holidays together with your family. The waterfall plunges down about 19 m and further 18 m in the depths of the Passirio. In autumn, we recommend you a pleasant walk across the colourful landscape.

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