Moso in Passiria

Moso is a municipality in Alta Val Passiria that attracts a large number of visitors by nature and traditions.

Moso in Passiria is the largest municipality in Val Passiria and counts some 2,200 inhabitants. The municipal area comprises the villages of Moso, Plata, Plan, Stulles and Corvara in Passiria and stretches from 700 m in the valley to 3,480 m high Altissima.

From a scenic viewpoint, Moso in Passiria is to be considered a high mountain village that is characterised by an impressive alpine rose blossom in high summer. Unforgettable experiences are also provided by the Alta Via Meranese, which passes by in this area. In winter the sports offers are completed by the Plan skiing area.

Not for nothing, Moso in Val Passiria makes part of the so-called “pearl of the Alps”, a network of holiday resorts in which visitors can enjoy comfortable and simple holidays.

  1. Moso


    Moso, the chief village of the municipality and is surrounded by the mighty peaks…
  2. Plan


    Plan is located at the head of the valley and is considered a family-friendly…
  3. Plata


    Close to the mountain village of Plata, part of the municipality of Moso, you can…
  4. Corvara in Passiria

    Corvara in Passiria

    Corvara is Passiria is located in the homonymous valle, on the read to Passo del Rombo.
  5. Stulles


    The sun-drenched village of Stulles is located in the upper Val Passiria, about 30…
  6. Ulvas


    The little mountain village of Ulvas is located in the rear Valle Passiria in the…

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