San Giorgio

San Giorgio is surrounded by the Aurina meadows and is located at the entrance of the Valle di Tures.

San Giorgio has got about 2,000 inhabitants and is located about 1 km from the city of Brunico. The area round the village is considered one of the most ancient of the entire valley, which is proven by traces of prehistoric hill-forts. Lovely cafés and a charming centre, that’s what San Giorgio at the entrance of the Valle di Tures has to offer.

For promenading you can take the hardly trafficked road to Grimaldo and Falzes. Otherwise make a cycling tour on the Valle Aurina cycle track, or extremely challenging, to the summit of the Plan de Corones, retracing the Giro d’Italia. Also the “Nature Fitness Park Kronplatz Dolomiti“ gets you moving on holidays, In winter, there is a shuttle service, taking you to the lower terminus of the Plan de Corones skiing area in Riscone.