The Castle of Castldarne is the jewel of the village at the foot of the Monghezzo.

Casteldanre has got almost 1,000 inhabitants and is located at 805 m asl. The village looks back on a long history, which is also proven by a Roman milestone, discovered in 1928 in the west of the village.

The most mighty sight of Casteldarne is its castle, which dominates a castle hill, where also the church is located. The original ancestral seat of the Herren von Künigl dates back to the 17th and 18th century.

There are numerous trails that are ideal for walking, no matter if you prefer walking to the milestone of Roman emperors, the Roman trail or the Knieberg, a stay in Casteldarne is in any case a relaxing experience.

Suggested accommodations: Casteldarne

  1. Gasthof Obermair

    Gasthof Obermair

  2. Falkensteiner Hotel Ehrenburgerhof

    Falkensteiner Hotel Ehrenburgerhof

  3. Unterplunerhof


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