Castel Welfenstein, also called “Mules Castle“, attracts the attention in the village of Valgenauna.

Valgenauna is located between Trens and Mules, on the left Adige riverbank. It extends at 937 m asl and has only got 30 inhabitants. At the foot of the Jagerspitzl mountain, the Valgenauna river rises, which traverses the village and empties into the Adige river.

The highlight of the village, however, is undoubtedly Castel Welfenstein, in popular language also called “Mules Castle”. Originally there was a Roman barbican in the place, which in the Middle Ages was connected to a little castle complex that deteriorated in the course of time. By the way, in the surroundings of Castel Welfenstein, there is a protected lime tree.

Worth a visit is also the S. Valentino church of Valgenauna, a Gothic church dating back to 1500. You wanna make a walk? We recommend you the circular trail from Valgenauna to Flanes and Partinges, or a promenade to Flanes di Sotto.

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