Fiumes is the smallest locality that belongs to Naz Sciaves and represents a great spot of land for those who seek relaxation.

The romantic village of Fiumes has got about 200 inhabitants, is located at 898 m asl and is the smallest village that belongs to Naz-Sciaves. It is still unexplained where the term Fiumes exactly comes from, probably it derives from “Jummes”, which might refer to a vineyard.

Fiumes is located only a stone’s throw from Naz and is surrounded by apple orchards, transforming the landscape into a real wonderland in the months of spring.

One of the main attractions of Fiumes is the S. Maddalena chapel located on a hill. This chapel is considered to be one of the most beautiful cult sites of this area. Also a walk to the Sommersuers biotope must be part of a stay on the apple plateau.

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