Monte Lovello

The Monte Lovello (Grosser Löffler) is southerly located from the Kleiner Löffler, which is 150 m lower than its “big brother”.

The Monte Lovello is one of the highest mountains in the Zillertal Alps, for a long time it was considered even to be the highest one. The pyramidal mountain is located next to the Kleiner Löffler (Small Monte Lovello, 3,225 m asl) and the Cima Trippachspitze (3,271 m asl). It is surrounded by glaciers and its south ridge marks the national border between Italy and Austria.

At the foot of the mountain a coomb called Löffelkar is located, in 1840 the mountain was named after it. The nearest village in South Tyrol is Cadipietra in the Valle Aurina (about 6 km linear distance).

In 1843 the Monte Lovello was climbed for the first time by the geologist Markus Vincent Lipold and Georg Schneider who was the mountain guide. They started the tour in Ginzling in North Tyrol through the Floitengrund valley via the south ridge. Still today this route is the easiest ascent. From the Greizer mountain hut in the upper Floitengrund, the top of the Monte Lovello is accessible within 3-4 hours.

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