Monte Penegal

Mt Penegal (1,737 m asl) is is one of the highest peaks of the Mendola chain and of the Nonsberg Group in general.

Once reached the Passo della Mendola you can either scale the Monte Penegal or travel numerous sharp turns by car. A family-friendly hike starts at the lower terminus of the Mendola Funicular in S. Antonio, Caldaro. The funicular takes you up to the Passo della Mendola, and from there the hike to the Monte Penegal takes about 3 hours (385 m of altitude difference).

The panoramic view at the highest point is great and therefor also very popular. The Brenta Group in the south west, the Ortles Alps in the west and the Dolomites in the east will impress you. The view over the wide Val d’Adige conveys the feeling of being above all.

In order to enjoy the view, there is also an exciting observation tower. Those who look at Mt Penegal from its foot, however, will immediately recognise the mountain due to the two transmitting masts.

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