Monte Luco

The Monte Luco with its two peaks is almost 2,500 m high and the highest elevation in the Nonsberg Group.

Between the upper Val di Non and the Val d’Ultimo the highest mountain of the Nonsberg Group is located: the Monte Luco (Laugenspitze, in German) with 2,434 m asl. The double peak divides the mountain into the Monte Luco and the Piccolo (Small) Luco.

The rocks of the mountain are mainly porphyry, the two peaks are remains of a volcano. The higher peak of the Monte Luco is separated from the Piccolo Luco (2,297 m asl) by Lake Luco. Beneath the summit the border to the neighbouring province of Trentino is located as well as the Passo delle Palade, which connects the upper Val di Non with the Val d’Adige valley in South Tyrol.

A popular excursion destination is also the Monte Luco mountain hut which is located a bit below at about 1,853 m asl. Already in 1552 the Monte Luco was climbed for the first time and still today it is well-known for its gorgeous panoramic view, ranging from the Texel Group in the north to the Ortles Alps in the west and further to the Dolomites and the Brenta and Presanella mountain groups in the Trentino.

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