Passo della Mendola

The 1,363 m high Passo della Mendola is situated in the south of Bolzano and can be reached via Appiano and Caldaro.

The Passo della Mendola between Mt Penegal in the north and Mt Roen in the south connects the Oltradige with the Val di Non, in other words South Tyrol and the Trentino. The street which leads on the Passo della Mendola is a route which is very popular with cyclists and bikers, as it is characterised by its 17 sharp bends as well a great panoramic view.

In the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century, the Passo della Mendola has been a popular health resort, above all with aristocrats and emperors. The Mendola Funicular has been built in 1903 by the renowned Swiss architect Emil Strub to connect the locality of Gries (Bolzano) with the pass. Even today it is still in operation - it is one of the steepest funicular railways throughout Europe.

Nowadays on the pass there are numerous small holiday homes, in which people from Caldaro and Appiano spend their weekends or summer holidays. Particularly in July and August the Passo della Mendola is animated. In winter, however, there is the small Mendola/Ruffrè skiing area.

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  1. Hotel Gschwangut:

    Lana - Lana di Mezzo
    from 04/02/18 to 04/16/18
    7 nights from 590 € per person

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