Proder Maschger Carnival

The “Maschger” of Prato allo Stelvio are let out at the craziest time of the year.

The “Proder Maschger” belong to a very old tradition of the Val Venosta. On Carnival Sunday the “Maschger” perform together with the “Bajaz”, a clown. The masked group of people is made up of eight couples: a man and a woman, a farmer and his wife, each time a man and a woman from Styria, Tux and the Zillertal valley, a Moor couple, a gipsy couple and “Zoch” and “Pfott”. Men who are dressed up as woman wear half masks, while faces of their female partners are painted.

This group of people, accompanied by some musicians, strolls from one tavern to the next, ragging, dancing and having fun. And sometimes this event lasts until the last Carnival day, which is Shrove Tuesday!

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