Rules and Regulations for Dog Owners

In order to be able to spend relaxing holidays with your dog in South Tyrol, you have to consider a few things, which have to be observed when crossing the border and also on site.

Entry requirements:
A properly completed EU passport for your dog has to be carried along, this you get at your veterinarian. Your dog must be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination must be done at least 21 days before coming to South Tyrol and it must not date back more than one year before your holiday. It has to be listed in the EU passport.

Moreover your four-legged friend needs a microchip so that he can be clearly identified. Dogs, which were marked before the 3rd of July 2011 for the first time, may have a clearly readable tattoo. Puppies younger than three months must not entry Italy. This applies to the entry from EU states and non EU states.

Regulations on site:
Since 2009 there is the mandatory use of dog leashes in Italy and an extended muzzling order. Of course this doesn’t mean, that your four-legged friend permanently has to wear a muzzle, but you always have to carry one along.

When transporting your dog in the car it must be secured in such a manner that it never can obstruct or injure the driver.

And last but not least: removing the excrements of your dog is obligatory and carefully controlled!

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