Hiking from Selva to Rifugio Puez

A hike in the Dolomites starting and ending in Selva in Val Gardena.

By car you drive to Selva in Valgardena valley at 1,638 m, where you take the Dantercepies gondola cableway to Passo Gardena.

The hike starts on trail n° 12A at the foot of the Cir mountains to Rifugio Jimmis. Soon we reach the main trail of our hike, which is the Dolomite High Path N° 2. Steep hairpin bends take us to Passo Cir at 2,465 m, from where we slightly descend to Passo Crespeina. We walk on, still on path n° 2, past Lake Crespeina, to the Ciampac (wind gap). We have now reached the highest point of our hike (2,,359 m).

Our hike continues at the west of the Gherdenacia. After about one hour we reach Rifugio Puez (2,481 m asl). After a short rest we continue walking on the Dolomite high path n° 2. At a crossroads we leave this trail and follow the sign n°16 and then n° 14 across Vallelunga. After approximately 3 hours we reach the valley station of the Dantercepies gondola cableway in Selva, from where we started.

Walking time:5.5 hours
Altitude difference: ascend 595 m, descend 1,241 m
Altitude: 1,638 - 2,531 m asl
Possible stops at: Gasthaus Danterecepies, Jimmishütte, Rigugio Puez/Ütia de Pöz
Path: 12A, 2, 16, 14, 12A
Further information: Selva tourist office, tel. +39 0471 777900, selva@valgardena.it

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