Puez Group

The Passo Gardena mountain pass (2,121 m asl) separates the Puez Group in the western Dolomites from the Sella Group.

The Puez Group is bounded by the Val Gardena in the south and by the Val Badia in the east. The Passo Gardena is the crossing between these two valleys. In the north-west the Puez Group borders the Odle Group, both give the name to the beautiful Puez-Odle Nature Park.

Two side valleys, the Vallunga and the Zwischenkofeltal, divide the Puez Group into two zones. In the western part the Monte Stevia (2,555 m asl) and the famous Piz de Puez peaks with the near Col de Puez (2,723 m asl) are located. In the eastern part the Gardenaccia plateau, Mt Sassongher (2,665 m asl) and the Cir Group (2,592 m asl, Gran Cir), which is accessible via hiking paths and vie ferrate, are located.

In summer, several hiking tours also lead to the mountain huts in the Puez Group. Among them the Puez mountain hut (2,475 m asl), which is accessible from the Col Pradat in Colfosco, the viewpoint under the Sassongher mountain, within about 2 hours, or from Selva Gardena within approx. 5 hours. And the Stevia mountain hut at 2,312 m asl is accessible within 4.5 hours from S. Cristina in the Val Gardena.

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