Fanes Group

The Fanes mountain group is well-known for the legends about the “Realm of the Fanes”.

The Fanes Group east of the Val Badia stretches until the Braies Dolomites in the north-east and until the Cortina - Falzarego Pass - Livinallongo - Arabba - Campolongo Pass line in the south. Much of the impressive mountain group is located in South Tyrol and is part of the strongly protected Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park. A small part reaches also the neighbouring province of Belluno (Veneto).

The central located Fanes high plateau at more than 2,000 m asl was already mentioned in the 11th century as Uanna. Here the “Realm of the Fanes” is located, in Ladin “Le rëgn de Fanes”, with Dolasilla, king’s daughter and war heroine of the Ladin national epic.

This high plateau is surrounded by a gorgeous alpine world - the Cima Dieci (3,026 m asl), the Cima Nove (2,968 m asl), the Sasso di Santa Croce (2,907 m asl), in the south-west the Piz Varella (3,055 m asl) and the Piz Conturines (3,064 m asl), the highest mountain of the Fanes Group. In the south there are the three Fanis Peaks and the Monte Cavallo (2,911 m asl), and in the east the Monte Casale (2,898 m asl) at the border between South Tyrol and Belluno. Fantastic hikes proceed through the beautiful nature park and to the mountain huts in the area, like the Fanes or the Lagazuoi mountain huts.

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