Putia Group

The 2,875 m high Sass de Putia gives its name to this mountain group, which is located between the Valle Isarco and the Val Badia.

The small Putia mountain group, which belongs to the Dolomites, is located near the municipalities of Funes and San Martino in Badia, thus between the Valle Isarco and the Val Badia. The highest mountain is the Sass de Putia (Peitlerkofel, in German) with 2,875 m asl.

The Putia ridge separates the mountain group into two parts: to the east the ridge with the Sass de Putia stretches towards the Val Badia, to the west there’s a forested mountain ridge towards the Valle Isarco and the Odle di Eores mountains. Important peaks here are Mt Tullen (2,652 m asl), the “Wälscher Ring” (2,607 m asl) and Mt Confin (2,625 m asl). Towards south-west there is another mountain ridge with the famous Col di Poma (2,418 m asl).

In the north the Putia Group stretches until the Passo delle Erbe in the Luson Mountains, and in the south until the Odle Group and the Puez Group. Large parts of the mountain group are protected in the Puez-Odle Nature Park. The area offers fantastic hiking tours, like for example to the Genova mountain hut in the Val di Funes, from where the summit of the Col di Poma is easily accessible.

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