Hiking tour to the Stevia mountain hut

Wonderful hiking tour in the Dolomites with starting and end point in S. Cristina.

This hiking tour from S. Cristina to the Stevia mountain hut requires some hiking experience and good physical condition but is really worth the effort: the mountain hut of the Stevia alpine pasture awaits you with a breathtaking view of the Sella and the Sassolungo mountain range…

Starting in S. Christina, we take the Col Raiser cable car, which brings us up to an altitude of 2,017 metres asl. We follow trail no. 4, leading us gently upwards towards East, until we reach the Rifugio Firenze in Cisles (2,037 metres asl). From here, we continue our tour on trail no. 1/3 and after some minutes we reach a fork, where we take trail no. 17B, leading us steeply upwards. Some ropes make the ascent easier. Arrived at the Forcella Piza at 2,490 metres asl we enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain panorama.

Continuing our tour gently downwards on trail no. 17 towards South, we finally arrive at the Stevia mountain hut „Utia de Stevia“ at 2,322 metres asl.
On our way back to our starting point we take the same trail no. 17 until we arrive at the Forcella San Silvestro, from where we head towards the Juac mountain hut, passing rocky ground and a forest. From here, a wide hiking trail leads us down to the valley station of the Col Raiser cable car.

Starting point: S. Christina, valley station Col Raiser cable car
Trail route: mountain station Col Raiser cable car - Rifugio Firenze in Cisles - Stevia mountain hut - Juac mountain hut - valley station Col Raiser cable car
Trail numbers: 4, 17B, 17, 3, 1
Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours
Altitude difference: ascent: 569 metres, descent: 1,242 metres
Please note: The trails are very steep and exposed in some parts. Good physical condition and hiking boots are absolutely necessary!
More information: tourist board S. Cristina, tel. +39 0471 777800, s.cristina@valgardena.it

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