South Tyrolean apple cosmetics

South Tyrolean quality apples are not only eatable, but are also the basis for a special kind of cosmetics, made in South Tyrol.

The health-promoting and nurturing features of apples have been known since time immemorial. This fruit is not only a healthy light snack, but also kind of remedy. Vita-Form is the name of the special apple cosmetics, basing on high-quality apples from South Tyrol.

Once upon a time the home medicine chests were full of remedies and beauty-promoting ointments and creams made of apples. In combination with enzymes, pectins contained in the apples accelerate the regeneration of the skin and cytogenesis. In this way the skin remains smooth the whole day and the natural skin hydration is prevented. Wrinkles are tightened and the skin is reshaped.
The products line of apple cosmetics ranges from apple mild and apple lotions to apple repair creams to apple balm. In spas you can enjoy treatments with apple essences and apple oil that are used also for massages. Immerse into the regenerating world of apples.

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