Wellness holidays are supposed to combine pleasure and relaxation. It seems natural to spend it in South Tyrol.

In every season, the natural landscape of South Tyrol is an ideal place for spending wellness holidays. Already the Celts and Romans appreciated the geologic peculiarities of this area at the headwater of the Adige and used the ancient healing springs. The sun-drenched position at the southern side of the Alps and the immediately noticeable influence of the Italian culture and cuisine contribute to bake South Tyrol an ideal place for making South Tyrol an ideal place if you decide to indulge into well-being.

The best South Tyrolean wellness hotels shine in an international context, not only with their wide variety of saunas, baths and massages. Every family-run accommodation has got its strong points and offers varied possibilities for making your holidays unique.

  1. Thermal baths and water worlds

    Thermal baths and water worlds

    Swimming, relaxing, splashing around or having a pleasant sauna in the Thermal…
  2. Hay bath

    Hay bath

    A typical South Tyrolean hay bath revitalizes tired legs and has a healing and…
  3. South Tyrolean apple cosmetics

    South Tyrolean apple cosmetics

    South Tyrolean quality apples are not only eatable, but are also the basis for a…
  4. Grape cure

    Grape cure

    Originating in Merano, after more than one hundred years of practice, still today…
  5. Massages


    In the South Tyrolean oases of well-being, the offer regarding massages ranges from…
  6. Kneipp therapy

    Kneipp therapy

    Treading water on the basis of the theory of Sebastian Kneipp helps stimulating…
  7. Health resorts in South Tyrol

    Health resorts in South Tyrol

    There are several spa towns and health resorts with a long tradition in South…
  8. Healing springs in South Tyrol

    Healing springs in South Tyrol

    The large number of mineral springs of South Tyrol are considered to have a healing…
  9. Climatic Gallery of Predoi

    Climatic Gallery of Predoi

    Benefit from the healing effect of mountain climate

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Terentnerhof

    Hotel Terentnerhof

  2. Hotel Alpin Royal

    Hotel Alpin Royal

  3. Hotel Golserhof

    Hotel Golserhof

  4. Hotel Der Waldhof

    Hotel Der Waldhof

  5. Hotel Terme Merano

    Hotel Terme Merano

  6. Hotel Alpenblick

    Hotel Alpenblick

  7. Parc Hotel am See

    Parc Hotel am See

  8. Gallhaus


  9. Bad Moos

    Bad Moos

  10. Hotel Stephanshof

    Hotel Stephanshof

  11. Hotel Alpenheim

    Hotel Alpenheim

  12. Hotel Tratterhof

    Hotel Tratterhof

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